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Dystopian Industrial Set

Another war, another battlefield. An orchestra of conflict rang through the air. The bass rhythm of artillery supported the constant screech of tank tracks crunching through the wreckage. A percussive rattle of small arms fire kept time. None of which could entirely drown out the cacophonous choir of wounded screams. This place was once a centre of life and industry, man and machine working synchronously to build the future. Now, it was a chaotic warren of grey dust and broken walls. Armed soldiers and armoured vehicles stalked each other. Two huge packs of beasts vied for territory, with the winner gaining access to the local amenities they were now destroying with their rage. Little remained to show this was once where humanity lived. Even the larger industrial units are showing signs of damage, the citizens have long since left the warzone but infantry and light vehicles make the most of the remaining structures for cover and defence. The walls might not be enough to stop the more powerful weapons of this age, but if you can remain out of sight, the enemy can’t target you. From a distance, it still almost looked like the vibrant city it once was, cranes dotting the horizon, suggesting building rather than destruction. Indeed, it was only a matter of time till this place was reduced to rubble: another war, another battlefield.

This entirely modular terrain set allows you to build a myriad of buildings, from small apartment blocks to large industrial factories. This set is compatible with Armoured Clash, Legions Imperialis, Dropzone Commander and many more miniature wargames.


  • 3x Sprue 1
    • 16x Buttress
    • 16x Caps
    • 11x Wall Section (multiple designs)
    • 8x Wall Base (4 designs)
    • 5x Roof Tiles (5 designs)
  • 3x Sprue 2
    • 16x Buttress
    • 16x Caps
    • 20x Left Parapet
    • 20x Right Parapet
    • 4x Chimney Stacks
    • 3x Crates B
    • 3x Antenna
    • 3x Turrets
    • 2x Crates A
    • 1x Crane A
    • 1x Crane B
    • 1x Double Height Wall (2 designs)
    • 1x Double Width Wall (2 designs)
    • 1x Double Width Wall Base
    • 1x Large Roof
    • 1x Ramp

Armoured Clash
Legions Imperialis
Dropzone Commander

SKU: WSA610001

RANGE: Dystopian

SCALE: 10mm


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