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Myskham - Automobile

While not everyone in Myskham has an automobile, they are quickly becoming commonplace. Even the less savoury parts of the city have got their fair share of vehicles. If you were to ask the locals, few would admit to owning one though. Most of the automobiles in this part of town are abandoned. Some argue that it’s easier for criminals to lose stolen cars in this part of town thanks to the limited police presence, other folks have less pleasant reasons. They argue that the civilised citizens of Myskham who end up on the wrong side of town just leave their rides where they are rather than having to deal with anyone with the ‘Myskham look’. Few people like to think of the more dangerous reasons that cars without owners are seen in this part of the city.

This box contains:

  • 2x Myskham Automobiles

Wild West Exodus

SKU: WSA580007

RANGE: Myskham

SCALE: 28mm

GENRE: Historical

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