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Myskham - Subway Station

Most parts of Myskham were connected to the subway system and of those most were perfectly fine to use. Folks living their daily lives, commuting to work, without anything untoward bothering them. There was one station however, on the outskirts of town, that lay unused. Even by the ne'er-do-wells that called that derelict part of town their home. The rumours were many and varied as to why. Rats the size of dogs, a hideout for a gang of escaped prisoners, unstable architecture that would have it collapse at a moments notice. One deluded person even suggested it was flooded and home to a race of fish people. One thing no-one could deny though, was that noise. When all else was quiet, a haunting wail echoed from that mouth to the subterranean world. That was enough to keep anyone away.

This box contains:

  • 1x Myskham Subway Station

Wild West Exodus

SKU: WSA580005

RANGE: Myskham

SCALE: 28mm

GENRE: Historical

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