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Myskham - Town House

Rows upon rows of terraces criss-cross this part of Myskham. While the boom of industry was strong, town planners thought they could set themselves up for a massive profit by luring workers to this part of town with affordable housing. They may have put profits ahead of building quality and size but surely they could make a fortune once the houses were full of young families looking for a place to stay. Unfortunately for their profit margins, those already living in the location, as well as the foul smelling fish canning factories that they were to provide workers to, scared their potential workforce off. The investors can’t afford to put rent up and a good deal of the current inhabitants aren’t even in the system. What began as an experimental company town, has now become a chaotic warren of buildings with some families having access to two or three houses as they knock walls down and convert some areas into communal spaces. The original architects would barely recognise the place.

This box contains:

  • 1x Myskham Town House

Wild West Exodus

SKU: WSA580006

RANGE: Myskham

SCALE: 28mm

GENRE: Historical

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