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Normandy Farm Set

D Company took the abandoned farm without much trouble. A rare time of quiet had them brewing up in the cottage, still standing after the battle. Watches were posted but now it was a time to check webbing, tend to the wounded and catch a breather. Despite the recent fighting the old farm was almost peaceful now. Apart from the Tommies joking around to relieve the stresses of the last few days. The cottage itself had lazy smoke rising from the chimney as some quick thinking lads got some rations on. The workshop had engineers swarming around it for anything of use, though it had been cleared out some time ago. The barn and windmill had folks congregating around it, just kicking back for a few and enjoying the dappled sunshine. The only thing that broke the pastoral beauty, aside from the now ubiquitous battle damage and mud, was the checkpoint they’d taken from the enemy. By the end of the week, it would be broken down for firewood, a remnant of occupation destroyed with relish by the locals.


  • 1x Normandy Cottage
  • 1x Normandy Barn (can be built as a Damaged variant)
  • 1x Normandy Windmill
  • 1x Normandy Walls (can be built as a Damaged variant)
  • 1x Normandy Farmyard Scatter
  • 1x Normandy Workshop
  • 1x Normandy Checkpoint

Bolt Action

SKU: WSA600001

RANGE: Normandy Farm

SCALE: 28mm

GENRE: Historical

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