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Outpost Attica - Warehouse

Outpost Attica is all that stands of an ancient defence network used in a now-forgotten conflict. The corridors, bunkers, warehouses and communications equipment speak of a well designed and effective complex that could be hastily erected and would withstand most destructive weaponry. The fact that it remains intact and still standing is a testament to its strength and design.

This modular series of defences is ideal for all types of 25mm - 35mm sci-fi miniature games. Every time you use it the set up can be different and is ideal as use for objectives and use in narrative campaigns.

This modular 28mm - 35mm scale Outpost Attica themed Scenery kit contains;

  • 1x Warehouse, featuring
    • 2x Door
    • 1x Sliding door
    • 1x Ladder

Batman Miniatures Game
DC Miniatures Games
Warhammer 40K
Warhammer 40k Kill Team
The Walking Dead

SKU: WSA860008

RANGE: Outpost Attica

SCALE: 28mm


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