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Retribution - Barracks

The town of Retribution has become a centre of the Union's active hold in the Arizona territory, previously considered a lawless place. Whether this is the result of its proximity to Dr. Carpathian's Promethean Complex, the Warcradle, is anyone's guess. The fact is that as the town grows so does it's population of soldiers. The official line is that they are needed to protect the townsfolk from Enlightened influence, Warrior Nation raids and outlaws making a menace of themselves. Strange though that so many soldiers are sent on exercises out of town given they are sworn to protect the public. While they are in town they can mostly be found at the Union Barracks, performing light duties and recuperating from their exertions in the field.

This Warcradle Scenics Retribution - Barracks contains;

  • 1x Retribution Barracks

Wild West Exodus

SKU: WSA520005

RANGE: Retribution

SCALE: 35mm


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