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Retribution - Tower

Though the town of Retribution has changed rapidly with the coming of the Dystopian Age, one landmark still stands in the skyline. The windmill, known simply as 'Retribution Tower', has been there since the town was first settled. Self-governing water pump windmills are a staple of the Union homestead and this example has brought fresh drinking water from below ground to the people of Retribution for years. Some newcomers to the town wonder why an ageing scaffold of wood and metal is still here when so many wonders of engineering appear day by day but the long-time inhabitants know better. If it 'aint broke, don't fix it. In fact, most fighting groups in the area are loath to cause damage to the wind engine, no matter their allegiance, knowing that without clean drinking water they'd all be soon dead. On occasion, some outlaws think to use the high point as a position to snipe the enemy in times of violent dispute; this in fact paints a target on the ruffian. The enemy, making sure they are removed swiftly so they don't cause any accidental breakage. While the town has it's rare times of peace then local children dare each other to climb the tower to where the last marksman found their end and in the warm twilight a gentle breeze turns the sails and seems to let out a creaking laughter.

This Warcradle Scenics Retribution - Tower contains;

  • 1x Retribution Tower

Wild West Exodus

SKU: WSA520006

RANGE: Retribution

SCALE: 35mm


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